Saturday, January 10, 2009

File under: Pictures that I will hate myself for the rest of my life for not taking; Baltiless entrepreneurship

For several weeks, every day on the way to work, I passed by a certain telephone pole with an unusual professionally-printed sign attached to it. Every day, I swore I'd remember my camera and take a picture tomorrow. Alas, one day the sign was removed before I got a picture. Here is a re-creation, text verbatim:

No title needed! Wow! How convenient! This will be totally sweet for all those times I impulsively decide to sell my car and don't feel like going home to get the title!

Is there a legit application that I'm missing?

NB: The phone number is a fabrication, apologies to any interested parties.


mr knowitall said...

thats why ppl have such nice little camers in their cell phones. i know you carry that with you. pic quality is good enough for THIS audience.

love your stuff.

Bogdana said...

the ghetto bird is an impeccable touch. though I think the recreation overall is too sunny.

Aleksandra Robinson said...

You don't need a title in Maryland to junk a car that is older than 8. I learned this a couple of months ago when I cracked my engine block. The mechanic didn't need the title to send it for junk, he needed only the registration.

Aleksandra Robinson said...

Sorry, forgot to add that you do need a certificate of salvage, but anyone can apply for it.