Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Relaxation tips for the afternoon MTA commute

The scene: Late afternoon mid-week, waiting for the bus in East Baltimore. At 5:00 exactly, professionally-dressed women begin to trickle out of an office building and, one by one, make their way to the bus stop. After the usual greetings and salutations, I notice the woman next to me pull a forty out of her stylish purse.

Wait, what? I turn and look again. Yep, she's sippin' on a 40oz King Cobra. Then I notice that many of the other women chatting and laughing in the bus shelter are doing the same. ...So all these office-workers have been just carrying alcohol around with them in their purses all day? Like, they've been sitting at a desk working on a spreadsheet with a bottle of malt liquor under the desk? Do lots of people do this?

Seriously, WTF? I must have crashed the pre-party for the bus ride. Actually, this is the only occasion I've caught the 5:05 bus, so I'm left wondering if there there's a daily bus-stop-happy-hour ritual in effect or if I'd stumbled across some sort of special occasion or secret holiday of some sort.

Either way, it's the little moments like this that make Baltiless the greatest city in America.

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